Stephen Kilborn

born: Detroit 1950

 Over the last forty-seven years Stephen Kilborn has had the good fortune to support himself solely through his art.  He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (specializing in painting and ceramics) from Bowling Green State University in 1972.  Following his graduation, Stephen moved to New Mexico where he worked in Santa Fe as a furniture maker from 1972 to 1975.  In 1975 he made the transition to pottery making and in 1978 Stephen moved north from Santa Fe to Pilar where he setup a pottery studio and started employing up to twelve assistants to produce pottery to be sold in over one hundred shops and galleries around the United States, Europe and Japan.  In 1994 Stephen opened a gallery in Taos where he shows both his pottery and paintings.

But now Stephen has “right sized” by getting out of wholesale and galleries in the late 1990s and closing the gallery in 2017.

He now works with one assistant painting and producing pottery in his Pilar New Mexico which is the only place other than here on the website where you can purchase his work.  Whether working in wood, clay or paint, Stephen has learned from the different unique processes involved in working with each material.  He is at a point in his career where he is able to directly reach collectors through his studio/showroom and in doing so he has the freedom to pursue whatever direction he cares to.